Hamster has done a fantastic job in bringing a host of cult arcade games to home systems of late, and it's continuing the trend with the cult classic Xexex (pronounced "Zekseks"), which joins the Arcade Archives range next week.

Originally released in 1991 and powered by hardware that was far more advanced than the current home systems at the time could manage, Xexex mixes elements of Irem's R-Type with Konami's own Gradius and X Multiply to create one of the most unique and distinctive experiences in the shmup genre. It didn't see a domestic port until 2007, as part of the Japan-only PSP collection, Salamander Portable. Its release on Switch will thankfully make it easily accessible to millions of potential players.

Xexex's addition to the Arcade Archives line was confirmed earlier this year, alongside GunNail (1992), Thunder Dragon 2 (1993) and Black Heart (1991).

Xexex is scheduled to launch on Thursday, December 23rd, and will cost $7.99 / €6.99 / £6.29.