Pinball FX3 is a pretty darn good pinball app on the Switch; it's well worth a look courtesy of its free-to-play model and its support of TATE / Vertical mode. Zen Studios has been the lead studio for virtual pinball for a number of years, yet sometimes its many new tables and releases are limited to specific apps (FX3 isn't the only one) or platforms. Thankfully, confirmation of a much-loved Williams table recreation came with good news on that front - Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure is heading to Pinball FX3 on Switch (and pretty much every platform).

Confirmed in the Pinball Show below - though the trailer above actually dropped a little ahead of time - it's targeting a March release, and will have a legacy option that serves as a faithful recreation of the original table as well as an enhanced version with 3D graphics and other interactive shenanigans. The actual table on which it's based arrived in 1993 and had scenes based on the original trilogy of films.

It looks pretty good to us, perhaps because it's the festive season (there's always an Indy film on TV at some point) and if you're of a certain age this goes right for the nostalgia.

Let us know in the comments if you're planning to pick it up next year, and perhaps also share your favourite movie of the original trilogy (there is a correct answer).