If you caught the trailer for The Legend of Sonic: Breath of the Hedgehog yesterday – sorry, Sonic Frontiers – you might have heard a mysterious, ghostly voice near the start of the clip.

As you'll no doubt recall, the newly released footage begins with Sonic being chased through a forest. After a few seconds, he stops in his tracks, distracted by a voice calling out to him, seemingly coming from a great distance or maybe even another world entirely.

The footage shown during The Game Awards never reveals the owner of the mysterious voice, but subtitles present in the Xbox version of the trailer (up above) seem to give the game away. That's right, the voice you can hear is Amy's.

Sonic Frontiers
Here's a screenshot of the caption in question. — Image: Xbox

A user on the SonicRetro forums also claims that Japanese Sonic voice actor Junichi Kanemaru posted a tweet revealing that the voice you can hear was indeed Amy, although the tweet has since been deleted.

As is often the case, Sonic Frontier's debut trailer has left us with more questions than answers, but at least we've been able to answer one of its mysteries. Now we just have to wait a whole year to play it!

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