Sonic Boom Blu-ray
Image: SEGA / NCircle Entertainment

If you were a fan of the Sonic Boom games, you might have also watched the animated television series. While Blu-rays of each season were already available, NCircle Entertainment has now announced it will be releasing a steelbook of the 'complete series'.

It's arriving on 8th March next year and will include Season 1 and Season 2 across a five-disc Blu-ray set. This version also includes an updated cover and pre-orders are available now on Amazon for $59.99 or your regional equivalent. Here's the official description:

"It’s a Sonic you haven’t seen before ― an ensemble comedy that pokes fun at action-adventure storytelling, but still manages to deliver plenty of adrenaline! Wherever he goes and whatever he’s up against, Sonic the Hedgehog is aided by his sidekick, Tails, and his friends Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks and, of course, attacked by his arch nemesis, Dr. Eggman."

Apart from every episode, these discs will contain some special features (Sonic Boom vs. Final Animation, original trailers), DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and subtitle support.

Sonic Boom Steelbook
Image: SEGA / NCircle Entertainment

This news follows on from an announcement earlier this week that Sonic's classic cartoons from the '90s would be speeding onto Blu-ray. Would you be interested in this complete series Sonic Boom steelbook? Comment down below.

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