Wario Waluigi Aguilera
Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo

As you're no doubt aware, Christina Aguilera has been giving Nintendo a bit of publicity recently, starring in a commercial with her family and talking about the topic in an interview with Elle (which admittedly got ignored in gaming circles for a good while). We learned that being famous can get you an early look at Pokémon Legends: Arceus, for example.

But we couldn't let that interview drift fully into the internet distant past without highlighting one more section — Christina Aguilera shows the love for Wario and Waluigi. She was asked about her favourite characters and made the correct call:

It depends on the game, to be honest. Again, the Mario Partys[sic] and the Mario Karts, me and my sister have always enjoyed in the past going as the brother kind of characters, and I'm Wario, she's Waluigi. We love to do the voices. They get really silly. So we definitely love those. But now with the new characters that are out, I do love Pink Gold Peach, she's one of my favorites, Rosalina, and yeah, they're like metal kind of characters and they're really cool.

While Wario has had a number of his own games, most recently with WarioWare: Get It Together!, poor old Waluigi has mostly been sidelined. We love him though, even if Nintendo doesn't.

Now we just need more celebrity endorsements of underused characters — who'll give the good word for Birdo?

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