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This was just three days in. How things have escalated... — Image: Nomeyy

Plenty of us have been guilty of staying up a bit late every now and then to keep playing our favourite games, but we dare say there won't be many who can say they've stuck at a single game quite like this.

Twitch streamer Nomeyy, who's mostly known for playing Pokémon games, has been streaming the newly-released Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl for almost 17 days. We don't mean on and off, by the way, we mean literally for 17 days. Without stopping.

The reason? Well, to celebrate the games' release, Nomeyy decided to go live with no end time planned and started to rack up some Shiny catches (special variants of Pokémon that can be seriously tough and time-consuming to track down). What started as a simple stream has evolved – ahem – into this 17-day marathon, with 146 Shiny Pokémon captured within the stream so far.

Of course, one person can't stay awake for all that time, so Nomeyy has teamed up with her partner, Jack, to pull it off. “Nomeyy is a dedicated and hard-working Pokémon content creator," Jack says. We didn’t set out to capture 100 Shiny Pokémon, but once we hit 25, and then 50, we knew we had to persevere to hit 100... It just sounds better, right!?"

Nomeyy adds, "The support and the community that has backed us throughout the stream has been tremendous and overwhelming, and we couldn’t have done it without them! I’ve got a bone to pick with Jack though, as he managed to fail one of the shinys! But all jokes aside, it’s been so much fun to share this live on stream with my community and the game I love the most."

At the time of writing, the stream's still going ahead and can be viewed above. Congratulations to both Nomeyy and Jack on their efforts – and please remember to eventually get some rest!