Here's your feel-good story for the day - a grandmother located in the US was recently gifted not one but six Nintendo Switch.

Deborah Lewis mistakenly received six Switch OLED model consoles in a larger than expected delivery, but didn't have any luck when trying to return them to a Target store located up the road from her house.

Fortunately, her problems were solved when two target employees showed up on the doorstep and told her that she could keep all six units:

"On behalf of Target and your local Target store right up the street, we want to give these to you to give to your grandchildren or whoever you want"

"From the bottom of our hearts, Target is so proud to do this for you, and we want to say thank you”

The 68-year-old grandmother of eight was in tears over the retail giant's generosity and intends to gift them to her "grandbabies" in Chicago. We're sure anyone would be thrilled to score just one OLED Switch at the moment, but six? Wow, it truly is a Christmas miracle.

Have you ever received something you had to return and in the end got to keep it? Have you got your hands on a Switch OLED yet, or are you hoping to find one under your tree over the holiday season? Leave a comment down below.