If you don't want to actually catch 'em all, why not... clone 'em all? A new glitch has been discovered in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that can get you an entire box of cloned Pokémon and items.

Following an earlier cloning glitch, which was patched out, a new one has been found (and will, no doubt, also be patched out in time), and at time of writing, is still possible.

Here are the steps:

  • Prep your Pokémon, boxes and items
  • Turn off autosave, and save beforehand
  • Stand in front of a Pokémon Center door
  • Get the Pokétch in the top right of the screen, and hover the cursor over Fly
  • Hit R and A at the same time, spamming the buttons if necessary, until the Fly menu opens
  • You should hear the trainer going into the Pokémon Center
  • Don't close the Fly menu!
  • Head down the escalator (press up x2, then right x6)
  • Head back up the escalator (right x1, left x5, down x2)
  • When you're outside, press A to open the "Fly to place" window, and about a second later, hit X — if you get this timing wrong, you'll freeze the map screen and have to restart
  • Select any city on the Fly menu to fly to
  • Enter any house
  • Open your Pokémon Box, and press A, then X to open a menu
  • Go into the box you want to clone, and press Y x2 to select the entire box
  • Move these Pokémon to an empty box
  • Press B x2 to exit the extra menus
  • Go to "Check Summary"

Confusing? Oh yes. Convoluted? You bet. But cloning 'em all ain't easy, bud. You have to work for infinite Dittos! (If you just want infinite Master Balls, or any other item, check out this video instead.)

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