Mega Man ZX
Image: Capcom

Apparently, there was going to be a third Mega Man ZX game but the project was ultimately cancelled.

During an Inti Creates Christmas live stream, company president Takuya Aizu and designer Yoshihisa Tsuda revealed the third entry was code-named "ZXC" and that the title was well into its development cycle.

Here's part of the transcript, courtesy of the Mega Man fansite, Rockman Corner:

Aizu: Well, you know, Mr. Tsuda made ZX3's player character, right? He was working on the ZX3 player character and then brought what he had to Mega Man 9's player character. It was in the middle of ZX3's development.

Tsuda: I-is it okay to talk about this topic? Is this a good idea?

Aizu: There is no such thing as a "ZX3" game! [laughing]

Tsuda: Well--

Aizu: Because the right name is ZX "C"!

Tsuda: ...I'm certain the project's code name was "ZXC".

While there was no specific reason provided about the eventual cancellation, according to Aizu - the decision was made by people at Capcom, who now no longer work at the company. Tsuda jokingly added if fans aren't happy to hear this then they should take it up with the Japanese video game company.

"If the fans wanna complain, talk to Capcom!... kidding!"

So, there you go - we almost had a Mega Man ZX3 game. How do you feel knowing this? Leave a comment down below.