Hades Smug
Image: SuperGiant Games

Slowly and surely, especially after a huge increase in attention in 2020, gaming is getting more attention in mainstream culture. In terms of sales and profits gaming has been at the forefront for many years, but the battle for acknowledgement as an artform has been a little slower, albeit the medium is starting to get similar critical attention as film, TV and literature.

The latest example came out of the 2021 Hugo Awards, which were hosted at 'Discon III' in Washington DC over the weekend. A new game award was a one-off for that event, as The Hugo Awards typically focuses on science fiction and fantasy works; its origins were in literary works, but over recent years the awards have been gradually expanded and added additional categories.

The winner this year was Hades from SuperGiant Games, which was a critical and commercial hit on Switch / PC in 2020, before achieving success this year on PlayStation and Xbox platforms. The award itself incorporated games from 2020 too, with the possibility of an annual gaming category apparently being under consideration. Below is the list of nominations that Hades ultimate led.

It's an interesting mix, and SuperGiant Games Creative Director Greg Kasavin shared a message on social media.

It's interesting to see The Hugo Awards join in with a game award, even if the one-off (at this stage) prize was perhaps a tad unfocused. No doubt in the coming years we'll see more awards ceremonies and organisations incorporating gaming into their events.

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