Fortnite remains a behemoth of a video game, available on almost all conceivable hardware and continually building its world through events, lore and seasonal reboots. It's now live with its latest major update, taking us into Chapter 3.

The summary trailer at the top of the article gives a good overview and it introduces a 'flipped' island that is effectively an all-new location. The new chapter notably beefs up and emphasizes squad-based co-op features, such as setting up camps to replenish supplies between battles. In terms of gameplay there's a slide that reminds us of the equivalent in Apex Legends, and an option to swing around like Spider-Man.

That'll be because Spider-Man is a key unlockable character in the paid-for Battle Pass, after a variety of other characters. It's fair to say that aficionados will be trying to rush through the Pass to unlock the web slinger, as Epic Games has once again pushed to tie-in with major pop-culture events - in the movie world Spider-Man: No Way Home is out soon, of course.

It's another notable update and refresh for Fortnite, with Epic Games eager to highlight it as a good introduction point for new players, as well as something all-new to keep long-term players engaged.

Let us know in the comments if you're jumping into this third main chapter of Fortnite.