Omno is a game about a little onion-shaped adventurer travelling around an "ancient world of wonders" on an epic quest to discover... something. That something includes frogs, giants, crabs, and plenty of puzzle-platforming. And, rather impressively, it's a one-man project, with German developer Jonas Manke at the helm (and, er, all the other parts of the ship).

Looking at the trailer, we're very much getting Journey-meets-Xenoblade-meets-Sable vibes, which sounds ideal for anyone looking for a chill, cosy, "sit back and relax" kind of game. Plus, the Steam reviews love it:

"Omno is visually stunning with its gorgeous art style, has an inventive approach to introducing game mechanics seamlessly, and has a relaxing soundtrack that accompanies the game-play perfectly."
- DarkChaos

"This game was honestly phenomenal. I'm not a fan of puzzles AT ALL but this game it was simplistic yet beautiful. I truly was mesmerised by this game and how incredible it felt from start to finish.
Not once was it boring. Not once did I feel like it was repetitive or annoying. It just felt like perfection and the music.

Omno will come out on the Nintendo Switch on the 16th December.