Image: Nintendo

The latest update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons went live recently and addressed various issues large and small, perhaps most notably fixing a glitch that left your animal residents wantering around in the nuddy.

Certain players have noticed another minor tweak to the game following the release of version 2.0.4, though — it seems that it's now possible to find gyroid fragments washed up on your shoreline.

As noted by Animal Crossing World and various people on social media, gyroid fragments are being found on players' beaches after downloading this update:

Previously, gyroid fragments were only found buried on Kapp'n's Boat Tour islands, or by digging them up on your own island the day after it rained. With this new method of finding a fragment, you'll be able to complete your rockin' gyroid collection that little bit sooner.

Let us know below if you've found a 'roid round your waterline.