There are a lot of 2D 'Metroidvanias' kicking around, but there's a reason for that - they're often enjoyable and the better entries in the genre can be top-notch experiences. Another that's heading to Switch in late 2022 is Afterimage, which is the work of developer Aurogon Shanghai.

It has some extremely handsome hand-drawn visuals, with the hope being that it'll optimise well for Nintendo's system - we do have some gorgeous 2D titles on the Switch already. The concept and setting look rather promising, and you can see some of the official details and screens below.

Explore Engardin, a mystical world created by a supreme deity full of beautiful sights and myriad secrets. Traverse over 15 hand-drawn environments ranging from towering volcanos to the ruins of an ancient metropolis. Guide Renee, an intrepid heroine, across a 25-30 hour adventure filled with mystery. But be wary, for as wondrous as the sights of Engardin are, corrupted creatures and dangerous foes abound.

Move through Engardin’s different regions, challenging adversaries and encountering new gameplay mechanics in each area. Fight against more than 150 foes using various weapons and ten character abilities. Outfit Renee with two primary weapons and one secondary, swapping between them during free-flowing combat encounters to create custom fighting styles on the fly. Face off against strange creatures, avoid deadly traps, and overcome bosses while traversing Engardin.

Uncover the world’s deepest secrets by sliding, leaping, and climbing through complex environments. Encounter roaming bests, warm spirits, and friendly characters learning their stories and piecing together information about Engardin’s history to understand what befell the sublime landscape. Scour each map for secret paths, hidden chests, and powerful new abilities that increase Renee’s skills both in and out of combat to help her become the greatest warrior in the land.

It's a little while away but we'll certainly keep an eye on it; let us know what you think of it in the comments.