Hori Split Pad Pro Zion
Image: Zion Grassl / Nintendo Life

We've had some feisty conversations in NL Towers over the years on the topic of Nintendo's Switch Joy-Con controllers. They have cool HD rumble, accurate motion sensors, they're brilliant and clever in their usage either clipped onto the Switch or as wireless controllers. But, they're also arguably flimsy and have disappointing analogue sticks. Mileage varies per gamer, but this scribe has had enough wonky Joy-Con analogue sticks to have a rather scathing view of them.

Thank goodness, then, for the Hori Split Pad Pro. It has none of the clever stuff of Joy-Con controllers, but it has darn good sticks (along with a proper D-Pad) and is comfortable to use - perfect for handheld players that aren't bothered about rumble and all that jazz. That said, the complete lack of wireless tech in the controllers does mean they only work for one of the Switch's three play configurations, which is a pity.

It's been years but Hori is finally fixing that, confirming that it'll be launching a Grip for the controllers that will support docked Switch play and also PC. By the looks it'll also have a headphone jack and even voice chat support, but the latter is no doubt there to cater to those that will want to use it for PC gaming.

Hori Split Pad Pro GAV MAGIC
Image: Nintendo Life / Hori

Like some other third-party controllers it looks like it'll be wired-only too, which isn't surprising but should be kept in mind. So it'll be wired and naturally still won't have rumble, motion controls etc. What it will have is brilliant analogue sticks and button inputs though, which is handy.

Let us know if you're a Hori Split Pad Pro convert, and if you'll be trying to grab one of these grips for your Switch.

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