We'll be honest and say that as occasional players of good 'ol Rocket League we're a little oblivious to a lot of the seasons and themed events, but since Epic bought the IP that structure has nevertheless made it free-to-play, allowing anyone with a Switch - or pretty much any gaming device - to enjoy the game's chaotic multiplayer.

That's a good thing, and if you are into the Rocket Pass and its seasons then it's a big week, with the game updating on 16th November and the 5th season kicking off on 17th November. The theme revolves around space (and it seems there's a bit of lore going on) and brings Grimes on board with the main song for the season. We can see what the developers were going for with a Space theme and a Grimes track but... never mind.

Most pleasingly, our favourite mode is back on 18th November for an undetermined time (we're guessing about a week). This time it's called Heatseeker Ricochet which will use Labs Arenas Barricade, Colossus, and Hourglass; this is an awesome mode where the ball speeds up and gravitates towards your opponent's goal quicker with each deflection. It's a hoot even if you're not a big fan of the conventional Rocket League modes.

As for the actual season 5 and Rocket Pass stuff, the latter will be detailed on 16th November, while Starbase Arc Arena is getting a remix because of reasons. Ultimately, we just like playing football with cars.

Are you planning to check out the update and new season in Rocket League?