Seeing an airliner emblazoned with Pokémon is nothing new — series mascot Pikachu has been plastered across its fair share of aircraft since the late-'90s — but we have to say that this latest effort is perhaps our favourite thanks to how it incorporates both the original Pokémon and its Alolan variant in a pretty neat way.

As noted by Kotaku, this new Pokémon-themed plane is called the Rokon Jet Hokkaido — or Vulpix Jet Hokkaido to English speakers — and is part of a longstanding ambassadorial Pokémon drive to promote Japanese destinations and culture (you've seen those neat Poké Lids, right?).

The new jet will soon be joining the fleet of Japanese firm Air Do — apparently one of Japan's low-cost carriers, although the garish colour schemes we tend to associate with budget airlines looks a damn sight more stylish than we're accustomed.

As you can see from the video at the top of the page, one side of the aircraft features your common or garden Gen I Vulpix with a yellow strip while the other side side has Alolan Vulpix with some lovely light blue colouring. The theming apparently extends inside the aircraft, with flight attendants donning Vulpix apparel and beverages served in Vulpix cups (see above).

Pokémon 037 was apparently chosen especially not just for its enduring cuteness, but because Hokkaido — the northern region of Japan served by the airline — is famous for its mountainous and snowy regions where the foxy Alolan Vulpix thrives. In fact, it seems that Alolan Vulpix has been the Hokkaido Aficionado Expedition leader since November 2018, with regular Vulpix serving as a lowly deputy:

Brand ambassadors
See? Would we lie to you?Image: The Pokémon Company

Various municipalities have their affiliate Pokémon it seems: Geodude is the ambassadorial Pokémon for Iwate, Chansey's big in Fukushima, and Slowpoke got promotion duties in Kagawa, for example.

The Rokon Jet Hokkaido will start flying on 1st December from Haneda Airport in Tokyo, serving various locations in Hokkaido.

Let us know below if you end up catching a flight with a Vulpix, and which one you side with.

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