Sea Bass

STOP THE PRESSES. This new Animal Crossing: New Horizons update brings a lot to the table — Kapp'n, Brewster, Reese, Cyrus, and so on — but what it really brings to the table is PIE.

With the new Cooking update, you can now unlock recipes just by catching fish and remembering that fish are edible, which means... you guessed it... THE PESKY SEA BASS IS NOW GOOD FOR SOMETHING AT LAST.

Sea Bass Pie
I mean, come on. That's worth a C+ at least.

You can also make Grilled Sea Bass With Herbs, which just requires a single sea bass and... five weeds. YUCK.


Make sure to check out our cooking guide for everything we've unlocked so far! We've only unlocked recipes as we catch specific fish, though, so this might take... a while...

Let us know your recipe hints in the comments!