Smash Lamp
Image: AphamusPrime

With Sora being the final fighter to arrive in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the huge ever-growing mural featuring every fighter in the game is now, finally, complete. Smash Bros boss Masahiro Sakurai recently displayed a print of the finished piece on his wall, and we here at Nintendo Life Towers have the same image as our wallpaper, proudly spread across two monitors. It's large enough to handle many more than a measly two displays we've got, and it has been a non-insignificant factor in our wanting one of those fancy ultra-wide monitors.

One artistic fan of the crossover brawler to end all crossover brawlers has taken it upon themselves to 3D print the finalised mural as a lithophane and display the artwork wrapped around a lamp as a mightily impressive shade featuring every single one of the Smash brothers.

As noted on reddit, it took AlphamusPrime nearly five days to 3D print the mural having created the file Lithophane Maker. We were thinking of getting a print for our wall, but this is certainly a classy alternative if you're lacking wall space or want something a little more understated around your humble Smash-loving abode.

You can get the general effect in the image above, but check out the brief Youtube clip below for the full 360-degree experience:

Neat, huh? Let us know below if you've had any thoughts about how best to display the completed epic mural around your home.