Carving pumpkins is messy, time-consuming, and leaves you with far more gourdmeat than you're prepared to eat. In fact, if you manage to carve more than one pumpkin in preparation for Halloween, then you're an accomplished and impressive human that's going to have to eat pumpkin-related foods for the next two weeks.

But why stop at one or two? Why not carve yourself ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN pumpkins? That's what Adrian and friends did, at least — because there are 107 Gen IV Pokémon that were introduced in Diamond and Pearl, and you can't just do some of them.

Of course, it's not Adrian's first Pokérodeo. He's done all 151 original Pokémon:

And the 100 Pokémon from Generation Two, as well:

And, you guessed it, the 135 Pokémon from Gen III:

It seems like the plan is to do one generation per year, and so far, that's added up to 493 pumpkins so far. Apparently the pumpkins took about a week to carve, with the help of friends, and were displayed in Adrian's Toronto neighbourhood.

Pokémon Pumpkins
Image: It's Adrian!

To answer a few questions you probably have about carving 107 pumpkins:

  • They were from a local farm
  • They got a bulk discount, so it cost about $230 CAD (about $183 USD)
  • They're going to be taken to a farm to feed animals after Halloween is done
  • The candles inside are electric, so no worrying about setting trick-or-treaters on fire
  • The pumpkins are going to be displayed for at least a couple more nights

If you're anything like us, you're probably feeling quite inadequate about your Jack-O'-Lanterns this year. In fact, some of us were too lazy to even make one. Sigh.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be out on Nintendo Switch on November 19th, by which time these pumpkins will be very gross — so don't expect them to last until then!

Have you spotted your favourite Gen IV Pokémon? And have you seen the buff Bidoof? Let us know in the comments!