ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 10 19 15 07

Polishing furniture sounds like something our parents would make us do as a punishment, but it's one of the new features in Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Happy Home Paradise expansion, and it's actually, maybe, secretly one of the best things in the update.

Because, get this, you can use custom designs to make your furniture do weird things.

You can make your pet turtle as grumpy as he looks:

You can make your toilet all stinky:

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 10 19 00 15

You can make your gyroids say things:

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 10 19 05 54

Or you can turn your bird into a really, really needy parrot:

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 10 18 52 16

The possibilities are endless. We're not even good at coming up with ideas, and we managed four!

What are your custom polish ideas? Let us know in the comments!