Lifting Weights
Image: u/puffy684

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, which came out on the 5th of November, added a ton of new stuff to the game. We've already covered a lot of it, from gyroids to cooking, but one of the cool new features is the ability to engage in some of the activities your villagers do, like dusting, reading, and carrying drinks.

Most of these new items can be obtained either through Redd's raffle on Harv's Island, or bought from Nook's Cranny. But did you know about the tiny dumbbell you can get, too?

The dumbbell is sent to you through the mail after taking part in the group stretches 20 times — which means that people who've been doing them more or less every day since the update will have their dumbbell by now.

Workin' out in the plaza
Image: u/Daisy_Hime

It comes in six colours: black, white, red, yellow, gold, and silver, but the colours can only be accessed through Cyrus for 1,000 Bells. When you "use" the item by pressing A, your character will lift the dumbbell up and down. Isn't that cute?!

But that's not all — there are actually 11 rewards for stretching, including seven reactions. So if you're not already doing the stretches... get to it!

Have you received any of the rewards for stretching yet? And, be honest — have you been doing the stretches properly? Let us know in the comments.