Mario Party Superstars has been out in the wild for a couple of weeks now, serving up a whole lot of classic minigames and boards to a new audience on Switch. We enjoyed it in our review, highlighting that the original content is blended with all sorts of modern-day conveniences like better AI, shiny HD visuals and online play.

Online play is there from day one in this latest release after its belated arrival in Super Mario Party, and a trailer posted by Nintendo UK (above) highlights that nicely with four charming individuals playing online before meeting up for a rematch in person. It's standard fare for a Nintendo game advert, and that's ok.

But, something did catch our eye. This advert shows voice chat in the online play, and so those producing it were no doubt obliged to suggest these players would use the Nintendo Switch Online app on their phones. Remember the NSO app? Do you still have it on your phone/tablet? Well, it still exists, and can indeed support voice chat in this game.

It's subtle, but squint at the phones in shot and they're certainly not using Discord and similar apps like most people attempting online Switch gaming - nope, it's that official app.

It feels like the Switch Online app was largely ditched a while ago, but it lives on with some game support and updates. Of course, Nintendo is planning to spend a huge amount of money on improving its Nintendo Account services and infrastructure - hopefully in the not-too-distant future voice chat in Nintendo games will more closely resemble a 2020s solution.

Let us know if you're using the Switch Online App for voice chat... wait, what are we saying?