Rococo Furniture

Beware: Mild spoilers within for Happy Home Paradise and some of the new furniture.

Longtime Animal Crossing fans have been pining (no pun intended) for the Rococo furniture set to make a triumphant return in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (including some of us on staff), and it seems like Nintendo heard us.

Among the 9,000+ new items added to the game for free is the glorious, the timeless, the fancy-as-heck Rococo series, and it's better than we could have dreamed.


For us, the Rococo series appeared as decor items in the Happy Home Paradise expansion: Robin asked us for a "Classical" home, and we initially misunderstood what he meant. We were expecting marble columns and Greek statues, but instead we got filigree mirrors and chintz sofas! And yes — you can customise them. Check out our pics:

You can also take a sneak peek at some of the colourways — you can individually change both the frame colour and the fabric colour, and the tables and dressers come with the option to have a little mat on top, too:

Are you glad to have your Rococo set back? Let us know in the comments.