Back in early September we covered the asobu Indie Showcase, an online event from a Tokyo-based organisation that promotes and supports independent developers. Quite a few Switch games were featured, including some that we assumed would be Japan-only titles.

BEAT! TALK! was one of the games we doubted would arrive globally, yet it turns out we were wrong. Developer Gift-10's project is out now globally on the eShop - it's designed to help people learn the rhythm and tempo of speaking English, with supported languages being Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

As you can see in the trailer it has a quirky style, but you can learn more about its goals in the official description below:

As you play the rhythm game you will begin to experience the bouncy beat that English has. Whenever you press a button you can speak the word out loud along with the game's natural pronunciation. Before you know it, you'll find yourself naturally saying a lot of English!

Main Features

- Comprehensive tutorials to help you overcome your weaknesses
- Medal mode that allows you to practice progressively
- Pro mode to try for high scores
- 40 humorous and varied speeches
- Expert supervision to ensure effective learning

As always it's interesting to see some of the more experimental projects that appear on the eShop; let us know what you think in the comments.