Launching on Nintendo Switch on 2nd December is Archvale, a "vibrant" RPG and bullet hell hybrid that could well be worth your time.

Also hitting Xbox One and PC on the same day, Archvale has you looting and crafting to access better weapons, exploring dungeons full of different enemies, and taking on some "fast, fun and challenging" bullet hell combat. You can get a taste of that bullet hell combat in the footage above, as well as its Zelda-style puzzles and RPG gameplay.

Here's a list of key features to tell you a little more:

PLAY YOUR WAY - Augment the character via badges, allowing players to create a build that suits their playstyle.

MASTERY IS KEY - Skill-based bullet hell combat will put players’ weapons of choice to the test and require precision and speed to succeed

BUILD ARSENAL - Players can craft over 200 weapons and armor using items gathered from the environment and from slaying enemies.

EXPLORE THE WORLD - Encounter a host of enemies across diverse environments and classic-inspired dungeons in an ever changing map where players will find unique resources needed to complete their journey.

DISCOVER THE TRUTH - Uncover the dark lore of the world on the quest to unearth the arch to the fabled world of Archvale

The game will be available for $14.99 when it launches next week. Do you think you'll be giving it a go?