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Update: Good news! Analogue Pocket pre-orders will begin shipping on December 13th:

Original Story [Sat 11th Sep, 2021 16:55 BST]: The Analogue Pocket - a portable FPGA-based device compatible with the entire Game Boy library and other systems via adapters - has been delayed yet again.

Following on from its delay at the start of April, which pushed it back to an October release, Analogue has now shifted the shipping date to December. "New Covid restrictions" are to blame, according to the official website - and the company understands how "frustrating" this update likely is for anyone looking forward to getting their hands on this device:

"Pocket pre-orders will be shipping at the latest in December. Unfortunately, due to new Covid restrictions with our assembly partners, their capacity to deliver within our agreed timeframe has been affected. This has created a domino effect of delays beyond our control in what would otherwise be a seamless process."

"We understand how frustrating this is. It’s very frustrating for us, too. We are excited to get these amazing devices in your hands as soon as possible."

The same message also noted how the Pocket and all of its accessories would be restocked and immediately shipped after the holiday season. If you are interested, it'll set you back $199.99 USD and comes in black or white.

You can learn more about the Analogue Pocket in our previous posts and over on the official website.

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