The routes that Indie games take to the Switch vary a great deal, and one of them is to make a start on mobile before arriving on Nintendo's system in a 'premium' iteration down the road. The Kids We Were is following that approach having earned awards and plenty of praise on Android and iOS, with a release date of 26th January now confirmed for Switch and Steam.

Developed by GAGEX, The Kids We Were is a narrative adventure game that adopts blocky voxel-style visuals - think The Touryst but with a calmer colour palette. On mobile it boasts of high user review averages full of comments praising the story, and it does sound like the concept and setting could make for an intriguing experience. It involves a bit of time travel, a 'Back to the Future'-esque quest and a setting of 1980s Tokyo suburbs.

Our story begins with Minato arriving in the small town of Kagami, an exceptionally ordinary sort of place in a sleepy suburb of Tokyo.

But there's more to this simple trip than meets the eye. Minato has a secret objective: he intends to find his missing father, who is supposedly living somewhere in the area.

Our young sleuth Minato wastes no time getting started, and soon finds a puzzling clue to his father's whereabouts. A mysterious notebook left for him with the portentous title "The Seven Mysteries."

With this notebook as his guide, Minato sets out on a long and difficult journey, not through space, but through time. For his destination is none other than 33 years in the past—the day his father and mother first met!

On Switch it'll have the full story from the Android and iOS versions, alongside a new bonus episode and additional collectibles.

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