There are quite a few decent free-to-play options on the Switch eShop, and one of the quirkier offerings is Super Animal Royale. Yes, it's in the Battle Royale category, but opts for top-down gameplay and a quirky vibe; it's not perfect, but we gave it a recommendation in our review.

Today at noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm UK / 9pm CEST it'll update and launch its "Howloween" event, which will run until 9th November. The headline addition is The Bwoking Dead, an infection mode of 40 players in which four will be chosen at random to be 'infected' and target others. Meanwhile there'll be a 'candy corn' currency to collect and earn which can be used on seasonal bits-and-bobs.

There's also a map tweak along with various balancing adjustments, so it's worth checking out the full patch notes if you're an eager player of the game.

The undead poultry-themed infection mode supports 40 players in squads of four. Each match begins with 4 random players being infected with “The Cluckles,” an incurable condition that, unbeknownst to their teammates, will shortly transform them into ravenous rotting chickens. The Cluckles has its upsides, however: Zombie Chickens have supernatural speed, hearing, and infectious chicken scratchers ready to bring every remaining Super Animal on the island into the bwoking horde. Survivors can loot, shoot, hide, or group up with other squads to avoid being infected and catch the Giant Eagle for a ride out of the chaos.

Beyond the new game mode, the special event adds a candy corn currency scattered across the island that players can collect and spend on limited-time cosmetics. There’s a total of 8 new items this year, and 19 returning legacy items from previous years. There are also two new Super Animal Breeds to unlock in the game’s Research Lab: the Super Night Mare (a fiery horse to haunt your nightmaresdreams) and the Super Calavera Skullcat.

Are you still playing Super Animal Royale, or are you maybe tempted to try it for this Halloween content? Let us know, as always, in the comments!