Update [Wed 6th Oct, 2021 01:00 BST]: Masahiro Sakurai has now acknowledged the trend #ThankYouSakurai on social media - thanking everyone for the love. Here's an incredibly rough Google translation:

"#ThankYouSakurai The hashtag is on the trend and I was watching it. This is the one who is really grateful. It is the result of the support of many people!"

The director of the Kingdom Hearts' series, Tetsuya Nomura, has also passed on a message of thanks to Sakurai:

Original article [Tue 5th Oct, 2021 05:05 BST]: We're coming up to a very big moment in the history of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Not only is it the final fighter reveal (as far as we know), but this could also very well be the last time Masahiro Sakurai works on Nintendo's all-star brawler series.

Regardless of who the final character is tomorrow, one thing that every fan should be thankful for is Sakurai's devotion to the series over the years, and of course his hard efforts on the latest entry. To acknowledge this, fans on social media platforms such as Twitter are now thanking Sakurai with the following hashtag: #ThankYouSakurai

It's been a wild ride with all sorts of character reveals since the launch of the game in December 2018. Feel free to share your own #ThankYouSakurai message in the comments below.