We've seen Fortnite team up with Capcom's Street Fighter series, and now it's Resident Evil's turn. Yes, that's right - S.T.A.R.S. veterans Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are dropping into the island to face off against 'The Sideways' Cube Monsters' and other opponents in battle.

You'll be able to get the 'S.T.A.R.S. Team Set' from the Fortnite Item Shop. The Chris Redfield outfit will come with an alt Hound Wolf Squad style and Jill gets an alt Raccoon City Style look.

Fornite x Resident Evil
Image: Epic Games / Capcom

These characters also come with various other items - including the 'Green Herb Back Bling' (alt Red and Blue Herb styles), 'Saving Keystrokes Back Bling', and two unique Pickaxe. There's an Umbrella Corp style 'Brolly Stroll Emote', too.

And this cool loading screen by Rodrigo Lorenzo is included as well:

Fortnite x Resident Evil
Image: Epic Games / Capcom

Will you be dropping into the battlefield as Chris and Jill? Leave a comment down below.

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