Jigglypuff would be furious. — Image: The Pokémon Company, via Bulbapedia

The Pokémon games are special to millions of fans around the world for a number of different reasons, but for us, one of those reasons is the series' music (and yes, the actual gameplay and pure nostalgia are right up there, too).

If you're anything like us and can instantly tell your Bicycle Theme from your Wild Encounter tune, you'll probably be more than familiar with this little ditty found in an advert for LingoAce, a service that teaches children to learn Chinese. Currently unlisted on YouTube, the video has been watched no less than 330,000 times.

Have a listen to this:


Yep, it certainly sounds a whole lot like the Pokémon series' guide music – the track that tends to play when an NPC is teaching you something or taking you on a tour of a new location. You can compare the two by checking out the video below, where you can listen to all variations of the theme from years gone by.

It's not just similar, right? It's pretty much identical. Somebody get Officer Jenny on the line.

Thanks to Vitas for the tip.