Valve SteamDeck
Image: Valve

Hardware teardown videos have become so popular, it's got to the point where companies like Microsoft and Sony are now making official ones, or are at least sharing a closer look in a controlled environment. It seems as if it's an attempt to reduce the number of people doing this sort of thing with their own system, or posting similar videos online.

The latest company to join this trend is PC gaming giant, Valve - with an official teardown of its new handheld device, the Steam Deck. It reveals the many components - including replaceable thumbstick and SSD, while strongly advising users not to do this with their own models. In saying this, it also states how the consumer has "every right to open it up" and tinker with it.

It's got us wondering if the Nintendo community would like to see this sort of thing. Before Nintendo's new Switch OLED model was even released, unofficial teardown videos were already appearing online - and that's set to continue now that the new system is out. If anything, it seems Nintendo's attempts to stop people from opening up its devices only encourages it.

Valve has been praised for sharing a look at the internals of its new handheld gaming device ahead of release. Do you think Nintendo should have done something like this with the Switch OLED? Would you like to see it do official teardown videos in the future? Tell us below.

Would you like to see Nintendo do "official" hardware teardowns?