Image: Nintendo

The new Switch Online Expansion Pack service launches today, and as part of this, Nintendo has released some new (but old) controllers. For the Nintendo 64 library of games, it's re-launched its classic three-pronged pad as a wireless controller. We've seen a number of promotional shots of this new version of the controller, found out it won't require a Rumble Pak, and even discovered a few extra buttons on it, but what about the underside of it - is the slot still there?

Australian Nintendo website Vooks.net has managed to get some shots of the controller in real life - confirming the controller's slot has been filled in. It's presumably the compartment for the battery, wireless features and rumble feedback. It's also confirmed the controller will need a firmware update before it can work and noted how the small little hole in the top of the analogue stick is no longer present.

Nintendo 64
Image: Vooks.net

So, there you have it - you won't be able to plug in a Rumble Pak, Controller Pak or even a Transfer Pak. Have you ordered one of these controllers to enhance your Nintendo Switch Online experience? Leave a comment down below.

[source vooks.net]