Ever wished you could spend your entire shift simply saying "no", allowing your true pessimistic self to shine through without being told off for it? Well, Negative Nancy could be the ideal game for you.

Available right now in Europe (currently enjoying a 15% discount and priced at £9.68) and coming to the Switch eShop on Saturday 23rd October in North America, Negative Nancy is a choose-your-own-adventure narrative-based game with a twist: you can only say "no".

You play as the titular Nancy, a retail clerk stuck in a terrible job with angry customers and delusional bosses that ruin your day. Thankfully, unlike in real life, when playing as Nancy you don't have to worry about not getting fired by speaking your mind, and can spend your entire time telling people where to go. It's a simple concept but looks to have been delivered with a comical twist, as seen in the trailer above.

Technically, you can also opt to say absolutely nothing at all if you prefer, which can lead to different stories playing out. We're told that there are "four deeply branching stories with many endings to find", as well as a variety of characters to meet.

As anyone who's ever worked in retail will tell you, the customer definitely isn't always right. Here's your chance to tell them.