Nippon Ichi Software - known for series like Disgaea - has announced a brand new food-themed "survival strategy" dungeon RPG for Switch and PS4. It's launching exclusively in Japan next year on 27th January.

It's titled Shikabanegurai no Boukenmeshi and requires you to lead a group of adventurers out of a dungeon by fighting monsters, gathering materials, and cooking and eating a lot of food. There's a character creator and jobs (hero classes), which "bring variety" to the food on offer.

"You can cook “Dishes” by combining multiple materials that will enhance your adventurer’s statuses. If there is character with high “cooking skill,” the dishes will have better effects despite having the same recipe. Using materials as items to consume and enhance, or to use them to grow your basic stats is up to your experience and judgement."

If we get any updates about a possible localisation, we'll be sure to let you know. Does this look like your kind of survival strategy dungeon RPG? Leave a comment down below.