The Switch is a great system for interactive or visual novels, with a whole bunch of brilliants ones available on the console already — and come 5th November, we'll be getting another award-winner in the form of the "grim but hopeful" Stilstand.

Described as "a haunting and darkly comedic interactive graphic novel", it chronicles a young woman's summer in Copenhagen as she battles anxiety, loneliness and an existential malaise while trying to navigate urban student life.

The game won the Most Amazing Game at A MAZE 2021 and was created by author Ida Hartman with the help of Niila Games. The story came from personal experiences from when she finished her degree and dealt with the problems that many will recognise and find familiar.

Check out the trailer above for a good flavour of the short narrative experience, and here are some bullet points from the official blurb, too:

- Flip through the pages of an interactive graphic novel and watch it come to life as you play.
- Search for love and adventures, send text messages, and scroll through strange social media feeds.
- Play unique mini-games.
- Enjoy detailed and expressive black and white illustrations and a genre-bending cinematic soundtrack.

Stilstand Screenshot
Stilstand Screenshot 2

Stilstand is out on Switch eShop (and PS4) on 5th November priced at $2.99 / 2.99€. Let us know below if you've played this on Steam or if you're liking the arresting (and arrestingly scratchy) art style of this one.