What's better than one car driven by 007 himself? That's right, it's two cars driven by 007 himself.

This Thursday, 7th October, a second collaboration between Rocket League, MGM and Aston Martin will see a new James Bond car speeding into the game. '007's Aston Martin Valhalla' will be available on all platforms from the game's Item Shop, arriving alongside 007's Aston Martin Valhalla Engine Audio, 007's Aston Martin Valhalla Wheels, and a 'Reel Life Decal' specific to Valhalla.

It'll cost 1100 credits, just like the Aston Martin DB5 that launched in-game at the end of July, but will also be part of a new 'Bond 007 Collection' pack launching on the same day. This pack includes both of these cars for 2000 credits combined, helping you to save if you're hoping to grab the pair. Both 007's Aston Martin Valhalla and the Bond 007 Collection will be available until 13th October.

007 Valhalla Screenshot Db5 Valhalla
The Bond 007 Collection pack features both 007 Aston Martin cars.

That's not all, though, as there will also be three new in-game Challenges players can complete to unlock the 007’s Aston Martin DB5 Player Banner, Agent 007 Avatar Border, and the 00 Agent Player Title.

Great, now we're craving a round of GoldenEye 007 again.