WARNING: The video above contains flashing images

Last week, there were reports about Sonic Colors Ultimate players encountering glitches in the Nintendo Switch release.

While some of these issues were caused by emulation, others were found within the actual release. Sega and Blind Squirrel Games encouraged players to share their feedback and during this time we were able to replicate these glitches.

Digital Foundry's John Linneman has now taken a closer look at every version of the game and mentions how he had a "very positive" experience on PS5 and XSX. It's just Switch release he recommends avoiding:

"In general, my experience was actually very positive on PlayStation 5 and Series X - yes, there are definitely bugs here, but it's not that bad. Switch, however, is definitely the most problematic of the bunch and probably best avoided for the moment."

"If you're using a last generation machine - or especially the Switch, which is just so much worse than the others, you might want to wait for an update"

As for performance, the Switch version (as we've previously heard), is capped at 30 - the same FPS as the original Wii release. This frame rate applies across both the docked and portable modes. As for the resolution on Switch, the game runs at 900p on the big screen and just 600p in handheld mode.

"there's more to Switch than just a lower resolution. The games assets are of lower quality - a little disappointing considering the cut to resolution and frame-rate. It looks fine, I suppose, but not quite what I would have hoped for."

The loading times in the Switch release also get a mention - with a level of Sweet Mountain taking 13 seconds to load on the hybrid system and just over 3 seconds on the Wii.

"loading times are way too long for a [Switch] game like this - seriously, they're longer than the Wii version running from an actual optical disc. That's not really acceptable."

How has your own experience with Sonic Colors Ultimate on the Switch so far? Tell us down below.

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