Image: WaterMelon

The Paprium saga continues to be one of the most gripping stories in the world of retro gaming. Developed by WaterMelon Games – the same team behind the likeable Wii U RPG Pier Solar – side-scrolling fighter Paprium was designed to push the Mega Drive to its limit, and many people pledged their cash way back in 2017 in the hope of getting a physical copy (including us).

However, the game's release was heavily delayed and, at the time of writing, we're still waiting on the delivery of our copy – although some are out in the wild now, and copies are being offered on eBay for utterly crazy prices.

We've just received an email from WaterMelon which outlines the current situation, and it makes for rather disappointing reading. Basically, shipments of the Mega Drive version of the game are now on hold as WaterMelon is having problems getting the money paid to it by those who pre-ordered via PayPal. However, the company is keen to stress that it "won't give up" on its customers, and that physical copies will be shipped "eventually". Given that some have been waiting since 2017, that's not the most encouraging of news.

The other interesting point of note is that Paprium is going to be ported to "modern platforms" and a crowdfunding campaign will be established to support this. We'd imagine that will include the Switch.

Here's the statement that was sent out via email:

Unfortunately we cannot resume shipments. PAYPAL is playing dumb paying us only a fraction of what you had originally paid.

First, we won't give-up on you. Anyone still waiting for their games will receive them eventually.

Second, we will not take any further loans to deliver and we are in the impossibility to restore e-commerce services.
It is heartbreaking for us but we have no choice but to flip our vest 180° and embrace digit-fart.

We are porting PAPRIUM to more modern platforms and we will proceed with a crowdfunding campaign in the next few days.

To clear any doubt, we will ensure people awaiting their copies will get served first and be certain nothing can beat the original SEGA hardware, a lot of surprises to be reveleated!

All our other products that were to be announced in April 2020 are postponed until further notice.

All difficulties do not apply to the ???? project, which is still on schedule thanks to the few individuals who dared circumvent the GAFAMs grip!

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