Sonic Colours Ultimate

Update (14th September):

A member of the Nintendo Life team received an order update from Amazon in Spain, stating that it will be delivered on 11th October or later, so there's still quite a wait in that case.

Original Article (23rd August):

Just two weeks out from the September 7th release date of the remaster of Sonic Colours Ultimate, SEGA has announced that "unforeseen logistical issues" will mean delays for the physical edition.

"All physical editions of Sonic: Colours Ultimate, which include both the standard and keyring edition; will be delayed across all EMEA markets, excluding Australia & New Zealand. This does not impact the digital release across all first party platforms."

There are a few things in that statement to make note of: The digital release is unaffected by the delay, meaning that it's presumably something COVID-related to do with the production of manufacture and/or shipping — Doki Doki Literature Club's physical edition suffered similar delays recently — and not to do with the game.

Sonic Colours Ultimate

The statement, which SEGA Europe put out on Twitter, also seems to imply that Australia and New Zealand might be unaffected — although the delay is specifically mentioned as being in the EMEA region, which only includes Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. That also means the Sonic Colors Ultimate will most likely launch as planned on the 7th September in North America and Asia.

But thirdly — are we supposed to be spelling it "Sonic Colours Ultimate" or not? We know that the European version is spelled with the "u" (thank you) but when we're covering news that may or may not affect the u-less market, it gets very confusing.

The physical edition includes the game and a "Baby Sonic Keychain", and has versions for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The updated release date for EMEA has not been announced yet.

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