Remember that movie Hitch, where Will Smith plays a terrible, egotistical matchmaker? Well, Cupid Parasite is a little bit like that, but also not really like that at all.

You'll play as Lynette Mirror, a bridal advisor and matchmaker who is also secretly Cupid, the god of love. But she's about to meet her match (pun intended) when she's tasked with fixing up the "Parasite Five", a group of five men who are apparently so hopeless that not even a literal god can get them dates. You'll be helping them the only way you know how: by staging a reality TV show, of course!

And, if you've ever played an otome game or watched a romantic movie before, you'll know what comes next: one of these idiots might even become your idiot. Through careful dialogue choices and identifying the boys' "love types", you can impress one of them enough that they'll want to smooch you.

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The two special editions are the Limited Edition and the Day One Edition, the first of which is exclusive to the European IFI store worldwide, and the second of which is exclusive to Europe, but can be bought at multiple retailers.

The Limited Edition ($94.99) includes:
• Nintendo Switch Game (with reversible cover sleeve)
• Steel Game Case
• "The Parasite's Guide to Los York" Hardcover Artbook
• Keychain Set
• Collector's Box
• Radio Los York Presents: Pillow Talk (2-disc Audio Drama)
• Exclusive Trading Card

The Day One Edition includes:
• Nintendo Switch Game (with reversible cover sleeve)
• 6 Trading Cards
• Sticker Sheet
• Double-Sided A2 Poster
• Collector’s Box

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Cupid Parasite has been out in Japan since August 2020, and following its success over there, it's coming to North America on the 2nd of November, and Europe on the 5th of November. It will cost $49.99 for the base version.