Dr. Mario as seen in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Image: Nintendo

Do you need a dental clean? Are you a decent Smash Bros. Ultimate player and happen to be located in the US?

If you answered "yes" to all of these questions then perhaps you should consider the following offer. Zen Family Dental in Ashland, Massachusetts of the United States is giving Smash Bros. players the chance to win a "free dental clean" if they beat its dentist Dr. Tej A. Shah in a match. If you lose though, you'll have to tell the entire world you lost to a dentist.

Can you imagine playing Smash Bros. against your dentist? It would be quite the experience, right? And hey, if you've had any bad experiences with dentists in the past, this might make it a little easier.

It's also got us wondering who he mains... Dr. Mario or maybe Wario, Piranha Plant, or Incineroar - they've got some large chompers. Actually, it might be Cloud or Sephiroth! According to Zen's website, Dr. Shah's favourite video game series is Final Fantasy. Comments on the above video also suggest it is Little Mac and (more recently) Pyra / Mythra.

Would you take up an offer like this? Are you due for a visit to the dentist anytime soon? Leave a comment down below.

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