Skybound Games and Manavoid Entertainment have announced that Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan, a family-friendly RPG, will be launching on Switch "soon".

The game will be released on other platforms next month, and while Switch owners will have to be a little more patient, it looks like it could well be worth the wait. Rainbow Billy is described as a "wholesome" and "accessible" 2.5D adventure platformer that – judging by the new trailer above – comes complete with colourful, cosy vibes.

It actually combines that adventure platforming with an array of gameplay styles; RPG, puzzle, and creature-collecting elements can all be found inside the game, as Billy explores the World of Imagination to make friends and bring colour back to the world. If you're on the lookout for a game on the more peaceful end of the scale, this could turn out to be a perfect option:

Rainbow Billy is a universal coming of age story about dealing with change in the world and accepting ourselves and others around us. After the evil Leviathan banishes colour and joy from the World of Imagination, leaving its inhabitants anxiety-ridden husks, it’s up to Billy to make things right. Armed with empathy, a talking fishing rod named Rodrigo, and their trusty boat Friend-Ship, Billy must restore the World of Imagination and free its good-hearted creatures.

Encounters in Rainbow Billy are completely non-violent. Instead of fighting, Billy and their companions must build trust to successfully resolve the engagement! Many creatures have tricks to slow you down, but sometimes it only takes a little empathy and a new point of view to reach an understanding.

Does this look like it could be your sort of thing? Let us know if you'll be keeping an eye out for a Switch release date with a comment below.