Astral Chain
Image: Hajime Kimura / PlatinumGames

Just over two years ago, PlatinumGames released the Nintendo Switch exclusive Astral Chain. We praised it at the time for its amazing visuals, fantastic presentation, varied gameplay and rewarding combat - awarding it nine out of ten stars.

It was one of the Switch's stand-out hits at the time and is still one of the best exclusives you can pick up. With the game now two years old, Platinum has taken a brief moment out of its busy schedule to celebrate its second-year anniversary. Many fans have also joined in:

While there's been talk of a sequel, nothing has happened just yet. It was also revealed earlier this year how the Astral Chain IP now appears to be fully owned by Nintendo, according to PlatinumGames.

Would you like to see another Astral Chain game in the future? Is this still one of your favourite games on the Nintendo Switch? Leave a comment and your own memories of this game down below.