If you've played Astral Chain, we imagine you probably agree that the game's pretty wonderful. It's already turned out to be quite the success, too, so we definitely wouldn't say no to sequels being released a few years down the line should the first game's sales warrant such a thing.

Speaking of which, the game's director Takahisa Taura has been talking about exactly that in a recent interview. In a conversation with BunnyGaming, Taura has once again explained that he has ideas ready to go for any potential future releases.

BunnyGaming – Taura-san, you have mentioned in a previous interview that a sequel to Astral Chain is subjected to how well the game sells in the market. Does the studio have an expectation on how much sales at least to justify a sequel?
Takahisa Taura – I can only say that the idea of a sequel at this point is something I am unsure of and I do not have the current sales figure right now. But I will be very happy if the game is well received and sells well!

BG – It was rumoured that Astral Chain is part of a possible trilogy, do you already have an idea on how the next Astral Chain game would look in gameplay and story should you get to direct one?
TT – The trilogy remark was actually a mistranslation from a previous interview. I actually meant to say that I do have a lot of ideas at my disposal and if there’s an opportunity to make a sequel or more entries, I’d be able to do so.

Interestingly, elsewhere in the interview, Taura explained that the game was never intended to be particularly suited to beginners of the genre. It seems BunnyGaming - and we, we should say - feel that it's actually rather approachable on the whole, so we're surprised to hear the intention was actually the opposite.

BG – Astral Chain seemed easily accessible for newcomers, but at the same time deceptively deep in action and investigation. Was it difficult for you to maintain a good balance between both without one overpowering the other?

Takahisa Taura Well actually, I didn’t intend for Astral Chain to be beginners friendly. As a matter of fact, I was aiming for the opposite of that. But I am happy if they (beginners) found the game approachable.

You can check out the full interview here if you're interested.

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