Dialga Palkia

Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak, the three major forces behind The Pokémon Company, have registered brand new trademarks for 'Time Gazer' and 'Space Juggler'.

They were spotted by PokéBeach, which reports that both of the new trademarks have been filed under the same terms as other trademarks which have previously been used for the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

With Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on the way later this year, it's certainly plausible that new Pokémon card sets based on each game's legendary Pokémon are on the way, too. Of course, Diamond's Dialga and Pearl's Palkia are known to control time and space respectively in the games, so the new trademark names are a perfect fit.

Pokemon Trademarks
Image: via PokeBeach

PokéBeach notes that trademarks like these are usually spotted around six months before they're actually used, meaning we could see these new Pokémon card sets in the new year – assuming our presumptions are correct, of course.

With the new Diamond and Pearl remakes coming this year, as well as Pokémon Legends: Arceus dropping a couple of months later in January 2022, don't be surprised to see plenty of Sinnoh-based content and merch landing around the same time.

[source pokebeach.com, via dotesports.com]