Ninjala - Season Seven
Image: GungHo Online Entertainment

Update [Sun 12th Sep, 2021 07:00 BST]: Ninjala's seventh spooky season is now officially underway. It includes new "monstrous attire, 2 gum weapons, a new shinobi card, fashion lenses and a new eight-player battle royale mode. Learn more down below and also check out the latest trailer:

Get a punch out of the new Season 7 of Ninjala, which is filled with a bunch of new spooktacular stuff with its theme of HORROR! That’s right, Season 7’s theme is Horror and in the season of tricks and treats, Ninjala has a bit of both for everyone! (OK, no, it’s mostly treats) Missing that key detail of a costume for your in-game avatar? LOOK no further as Ninjala has you covered with Fashion Lenses, a new way to customize your ninja’s eyes that is sure to send chills down your enemies’ spines!

Swipe at your enemies with the new punch-type class of scary cool weapons and a shiny new Shinobi Card that is sure to pack a punch in the thick of battle! Try out the all new Paw-xing Gloves and the Ogre Gloves in Ninjala this season, it’ll surely bring a paw-sitive outcome to your battle as it will be all Ogre now for your enemies. Are you also ready to try out the stock market? No, not that one, the Ninjala Stock Shinobi Card, which allows you to stock up to TWO Ninjustsus to use to rack up those IPPON!

Put your God-like Ninja skills to the test with the new Featured Battle, Last Ninja Standing! What’s your strat to surviving until the end? Be the aggressor and IPPON everyone outta the ring? Or hide in the shadows?

Season 7 of Ninjala will take place between September 9th and December 1st.

Original story [Thu 5th Aug, 2021 03:55 BST]:GungHo has outlined what to expect from bubble gum team-based shooter Ninjala in its seventh season.

This spooky themed update includes new weapons ( Paw-xing Gloves and Ogre Gloves), a new Shinobi Card (Ninjutsu Stock), new fashion lens (to change the look of avatar eyes) and a new featured battle: Last Ninja standing.

This new season - just in time for Halloween - will run from 8th September through to 1st December. Between October and November, there'll also be a special Goemon Matsuri collaboration event.

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