A brand new trailer has dropped for Pokémon Legends: Arceus, giving us another close look at the game and even revealing a brand new Pokémon.

The new footage offers a deeper dive into some of the game's menus and customisation options, while also showing off new ways to catch Pokémon – did you spot the moment the player throws a Poké Ball while riding on a Basculegion?!

Towards the end of the clip, we also see the brand new Pokémon, Kleavor. This new Bug/Rock-type Pokémon is actually a new evolution for Scyther, weighing in at 196.2lbs and standing 5'11" tall.

Parts of Its Body Have Turned to Stone

Special minerals found in the Hisui region cause Scyther to evolve into this Pokémon. Parts of its body have hardened into stone. The stone parts often get chipped during fierce battles, and Kleavor that have survived many battles will display larger chipping across their bodies. However, the chipping actually makes these stone parts sharper, increasing their slicing power. It is said that the people of Hisui once used pieces of stone that had fallen from Kleavor to craft tools.

It Attacks with Its Axe-Like Arms

Even a casual swing from one of Kleavor’s large, axe-like arms is capable of delivering a devastating blow, dealing massive damage to the hardiest of opponents. Kleavor uses its arms to carve symbols into tree trunks and even chop trees down to mark its territory. If you come across trees with markings made by a sharp blade or a row of trees cut down in a crisscross pattern, it could be the doing of Kleavor.


As you'll spot in the trailer, Kleavor is presented as a Noble Pokémon. What's a Noble Pokémon, you ask? Here's the answer:

Frenzied Noble Pokémon: A strange phenomenon is causing nobles to suddenly fly into a frenzy, making them incredibly difficult to rein in. As part of the Survey Corps, you will be called upon to quell the frenzies of the nobles.

Are you liking the look of this new take on the Pokémon franchise? How about this new Scyther evolution? Share your thoughts with us below.