Update [Fri 10th Sep, 2021 05:30 BST]: It's taken some time, but Razion EX is finally getting a Switch eShop release. It'll arrive next week on 16th September in both Europe and North America.

The developer has also confirmed the game will be getting a physical reprint at some point in 2022 (see the box art below).

Original article [Thu 6th May, 2021 04:55 BST]: Following its teaser last week, NG:Dev.Team has now officially announced Razion EX for the Nintendo Switch.

This insanely expensive Neo Geo horizontal shooter ported and upgraded for the hybrid system will land in physical form within the next two weeks - with the exact time and date to be confirmed in the next few days. Players can expect 3 game modes (novice/normal/maniac), 60fps and more.

Here are the full details, along with a look at the box art and some screenshots:

6 stages with varied settings
6 huge end bosses
7 sub bosses
3 game modes
Rendered 16-bit CGI graphics
Horizontal shooting game
60 fps

Changes for EX version:

- reworked game play
- re-balanced and reduced difficulty
- added bullet canceling for certain enemies
- reworked controls and ship movements
- upgraded graphics and added 32 bit effects
- upgraded to widescreen
- slightly reworked levels
- reworked scoring mechanics
- unlock-able continues
- added training mode for unlocked levels and bosses
- added small ending

Raz Nsw 02

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[source razion.ngdevteam.com, via twitter.com]